Evelyn Acres Farm



Evelyn Acres Maybelle

Maybelle is the product of Irma and Major's first breeding.  She has type C fiber (which is shorter, and lusciously soft like cashmere), and her build and markings are just lovely!  Maybelle freshened for the first time spring 2015, and produced two pretty kids and an amazing udder--which is to be expected with her bloodlines!

Sire: Smithurmonds AUR Major Tom

Sire's Sire: The Helmstead Minis CVE Pie

Sire's Dam: Rosasharn SP Aurora

Dam: Evelyn Acres Irma Louise

Dam's Sire: Paradise Valley Farm Mayer

Dam's Dam: Indian Springs Farm Tippy

Maybelle's silky Type C fleece.


We owned Spirit's dam Juji, who we believe was a Mini Alpine (her pedigree was unknown, but going on build, markings, etc.).  Juji threw gorgeous kids, and had a really nice udder.  I like to stick with registered (or at least pedigreed) goats for our breeding program, but I made an exception for Spirit.  She is also half-sister to Maybelle and Orange Blossom, being sired by Smithurmonds AUR Major Tom, and has those great dairy lines complimenting her dams lovely dairy characteristics.  

Sire: Smithurmonds AUR Major Tom

Sire's Sire: The Helmstead Minis CVE Pie

Sire's Dam: Rosasharn SP Aurora

Dam: Juji (presumed Mini Alpine; parentage unknown)

Jr. Does


We brought Whisper into our herd in 2017, and absolutely love her.  She comes from Goose and Fig Farm, in Tennessee, and has been nothing but a beautiful addition to our Nigora herd.  Whisper has gorgeous type B fleece, with long locks.  

*We just moved and I need to unearth her paperwork, so pedigree will be added shortly.*

Whisper's yearling fleece.

Evelyn Acres Orange Blossom

Beautiful little gold doe with white spots and blue eyes.  She has the same dairy genetics behind her as her half-sister Maybelle, and we are very excited to be keeping her for our breeding program.

Orange Blossom is an F1 "Light" Nigora, approximately 75% Nigerian dwarf and 25% Angora. She has a mostly slick coat, with a little bit of curl around her neck. 

Sire: Smithurmonds AUR Major Tom

Sire's Sire: The Helmstead Minis CVE Pie

Sire's Dam: Rosasharn SP Aurora

Dam: Evelyn Acres Hana 

Dam's Sire:  Paradise Valley Farm Buttercream

Dam's Dam: Paradise Valley Farm Gumby


Evelyn Acres Melvin

Melvin is our newest addition, and will be our hersire from here on out.  His coloration and fiber are stunning, to say the least!  Thick, curly type B Nigora fiber, with traditional Nigerian markings.  We can't wait to see what sort of kids he produces with our Nigora girls!

Melvin is an F1 Nigora buck, 50% Angora and 50% Nigerian Dwarf.  

Sire: Lil Butts Farm Gideon (Nigerian Dwarf)

Dam: ASF Lillly (CAGBA Angora)

Evelyn Acres Jett Puffed

Jett is a gorgeous specimen of a Nigora buck.  At this point, he is our only F2 Nigora.  White with a few small brown "freckles", his fleece is absolutely gorgeous.  He is called Jett Puffed because he looks like a fluffy marshmallow. 

Sire: Evelyn Acres Melvin

Sire's Sire: Lil Butts Farm Gideon

Sire's Dam: ASF Lillly

Dam: Evelyn Acres Maybelle

Dam's Sire: Smithurmonds AUR Major Tom

Dam's Dam: Evelyn Acres Irma Louise

Reference Does and Bucks

Evelyn Acres Irma Louise

Sire: Paradise Valley Farm Mayer
Sire's Sire: Cane Creek Oscar (Nigerian Dwarf)
Sire's Dam: Dry Creek Naturals Sassy (Angora)

Dam: Indian Springs Farm Tippy
Dam's Sire: IJ Moses (Angora)
Dams: Indian Springs Farm Sue (Angora)

Evelyn Acres Hana

Hana (hah-na) was the first kid ever born on Evelyn Acres Farm, and her name is the Korean word for "one" or "first".  She is an F2 Nigora, with blue eyes and caramel colored type C fiber.

Sire: Paradise Valley Farm Gumby
Sire's Sire: Paradise Valley Farm Job (Nigerian Dwarf)
Sire's Dam: Indian Springs Tippy (Angora)

Dam: Paradise Valley Farm Buttercream
Dam's Sire: Better Blues Jets Domino (Nigerian Dwarf)
Dam's Dam: Dry Creek Naturals Demonica (Angora)

Smithurmonds AUR Major Tom

Major Tom is a gorgeous Nigerian Dwarf buck from excellent milking lines and with quite a pedigree!  He is chocolate with silver moonspots. 

Sire: The Helmstead Minis CVE Pie
Sire's Sire: AGS Ceasar's Villa LV Eric
Sire's Dam: AGS Echo Point Aspen

Dam: Rosasharn SP Aurora
Dam's Sire: Rosasharn SW Sapporo
Dam's Dam: AGS Rosasharn's TL Arwen

Cozy Green Acres Farm Bjorn

Bjorn is a CAGBA registered red Angora buck.  He is stunningly beautiful, and we are very happy to have used him as a stud for our 2018 Nigora kids. 

Dam: Onyx ASF 1103
Sire: George Jones OHF