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Evelyn Acres Farm Herd Liquidation!

We have made the difficult decision to put our goat endeavors on hold for a little while.

So far we have sold two of our lovely goats, Maybelle and Whisper. We still have 7 available, as well as our awesome 1 year old LGD. All goats tested negative for CAE and CL this spring.

Below is a list of prices and descriptions of what we have available. We can go a little lower on prices if several goats are purchased at once.

Both available does are beautiful, and have the same awesome ND sire from excellent milking lines--either would be fantastic bred to an Angora buck, or a fleecy Nigora buck. Both bucks we have available are stellar. Jett has absolutely gorgeous type B fleece, and very nice dairy character/conformation. Darshan is young (4 months old!), but already so gorgeous! He is heavy on the Angora side, and has long, Angora-like locks already.

I am due to "kid" September 20th, and would so love to find good homes for our animals before the baby gets here. So if you are interested, please let me know! I don't mind meeting you part-way, either, if you live within a reasonable distance (i.e. surrounding states). We are located in northern GA.


Spirit - $250
Age 4 yrs
Mini Alpine/ND mix.
Dam's parentage unknown; assumed Mini Alpine. Sire Smithurmond's AUR Major Tom (reg ND).
Nice dairy body/conformation & udder.
Kidding history: 1F (2018) twins, 1 buck 1 doe, both gold.

Note: she had not been bred before now because she was living on my father-in-law's farm with no bucks. :)

. . . . . . . . . .

Orange Blossom - $250
Age 2 yrs
F1 "light" Nigora doe. Comes from registered lineage on both sides. Dam Evelyn Acres Hana (50/50 F2 Nigora doe); Sire Smithurmonds AUR Major Tom.
Conformation/udder are fair/good. An improvement on her dam.

She takes after her dam in size--she is still quite small, but I'm expecting her to have a growth spurt this next year like her dam did.

Slick coat, with a tiny bit of curl around the neck. Blue eyes.
Kidding history: 1F (2018) single buckling.

. . . . . . . . . .

Jett Puffed - $350
Age 2 yrs
F2 Nigora buck
Comes from registered parentage at foundation stock. Dam Evelyn Acres Maybelle; Sire Melvin (50/50 F1 Nigora buck)
Nice conformation/build.

Gorgeous type B fleece; white. See photos below.
Proven buck (sired first kid 2018 with Orange Blossom; single flashy buckling).

. . . . . . . . . .

Darshan - $350
Age 4 mos
F1 "heavy" Nigora buck
Comes from registered parentage at foundation stock. Dam Evelyn Acres Maybelle; sire purebred CAGBA Angora buck, Bjorn.
At 4 months old, already sporting long and lucious chocolate brown locks. He is going to be stunning. I'm guessing fleece type of A/B.
Slick coat is black.

. . . . . . . . . .

Hana (doe), Merry, and Pippin (wethers) - $500 for all 3, or $250 for each wether.

Hana (shown here on the left, next to her daughter) is an F1 Nigora doe--the first to be born at our farm in 2012. I retired her from my breeding program this year, because she has a lackluster udder/dairy conformation. However she does throw pretty kids, and always with blue eyes! (Hana comes from registered parentage at foundation stock).

Merry and Pippen (below) are sired by a purebred CAGBA Angora buck (Bjorn), and are therefore "Heavy" Nigoras and should have some amazing fleeces.

Merry (short for Miracle) is chocolate brown with silver moonspots and blue eyes. Very striking goat. His slick coat has a little less wave to it than Pippen's does.

Pippen is a red boy with blue eyes, and already has gorgeous fleece coming through. I believe he will be similar to Darshan, fleece-wise, and of course being wethered will help with that fleece production as well.

. . . . . . . . . .

Rochester, AKC registered Great Pyrenees LGD - $400

We are charging a re-homing fee for Rochester, as we want to make sure we have a serious buyer for him. He was pick of the litter, and is a beautiful 1 year old Great Pyrenees who has done a fantastic job watching over our herd for us. Very sweet and laid-back. He is microchipped, caught up on all vaccinations, and neutered. We love him, but feel that he will be unhappy putzing around our yard with no job to do--he has really great LGD instincts, and needs to be working!